Miller Park Zoo Announces Birth of Endangered Red Wolves

(Photo: Miller Park Zoo/City of Bloomington)

(Photo: Miller Park Zoo/City of Bloomington)

Bloomington's Miller Park Zoo has injected some much-needed life into the critically endangered Red Wolf species.

Today, the zoo announced the April 25 birth of three Red Wolf pups. This marks the second consecutive litters for Miller Park Zoo, as four male pups were born last year. All four remain together in the zoo.

Though Miller Park Zoo is aiming to put a dent into the problem, the endangered species is not out of the woods yet. Global studies indicate that the Red Wolf has lost 99.7 percent of their historical territory. That is a greater loss than any other large carnivore, according to the Defenders of Wildlife Foundation.  

The species is currently believed to be exclusive to the United States. The population is largely concentrated in North Carolina. North Carolina recently passed laws allowing people to hunt coyotes at night. The similar appearance gives experts trepidations over Red Wolves being mistakenly shot.

Source: AdaptBN
Stuart Stalter