Bloomington Council to Consider Proposal to Limit Mayoral Power

Bloomington City Mayor Tari Renner (Photo: Christian Prenzler/AdaptBN)

Bloomington City Mayor Tari Renner (Photo: Christian Prenzler/AdaptBN)

In a move that will level the playing field between Mayor Renner and the City Council, the Council will vote on a proposal to limit the mayor's abilities to set the council meeting agenda. The proposed ordinance would allow the mayor to move and place routine on items on the agenda but limit the ability to place non-routine items on the agenda. 

Non-routine items include; expenses over $250,000, development agreements, amendments to City Code, and new or modified city policies. 

Such non-routine items would include the controversial "Welcoming City" Ordinance, which would essentially make Bloomington a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants. These types of items would need to be voted onto the agenda during the monthly Committee of The Whole meetings. Proposed items, by either the Mayor or Council, would only be allowed to be presented once during a six-month period. 

Source: AdaptBN
Christian Prenzler