Illinois State University Receives Funding From State for College of Fine Arts Improvements

(Photo: Illinois State University)

(Photo: Illinois State University)

Gov. Bruce Rauner visited Illinois State University's Center for Performance Arts (CPA) Thursday. He intends to throw the aging CPA a lifeline in the form of about $62 million, per the new state budget.

The money is for rebuilds and renovation. A new College of Fine Arts (CFA) building was approved nine years ago, but construction funding never got appropriated.   

Exacerbating the issue, $6 million spent in short-term repairs— the most recent being plumbing issues— has only stalemated progress, according to President Larry Dietz.

Current plans include renovating two CFA buildings and finally constructing the new one. Dietz hopes to know more when the money arrives before July.  

Ensuring Illinois colleges have outstanding facilities is one of Rauner's main goals. Overall, the new budget includes $66.3 million for ISU, up 2 percent from the previous budget

Source: WGLT
Stuart Stalter