The End of AdaptBN

Dear Readers,

I have some news that's a really big bummer: AdaptBN's run has come to an end. Over the past nine months, AdaptBN has published over 220 stories. Those stories reached over 46,000 different people and generated well over 100,000 views. 

It's been an incredible journey and an absolute pleasure to deliver the news to so many people in the last nine months. From our innovative council briefings, informed editorials, and email newsletters, we pushed the boundaries of how local news looks and is structured. 

Unfortunately, financial strains have limited our ability to continue operating. We set out to create something that no one had ever done before, knowing that our chance of success would be very slim. That being said, I'm disappointed that this is how things have ended and want to thank our investors for their time and resources.

I truly appreciate your time and wish you a great rest of your summer!

Christian Prenzler
Founder, AdaptBN

Christian Prenzler