Introducing AdaptBN 2.0

(Photo: Christian Prenzler/AdaptBN)

(Photo: Christian Prenzler/AdaptBN)

Nearly eight months ago we launched AdaptBN. Since then we have produced hundreds of stories and made countless improvements to the digital experience on AdaptBN. Just yesterday we rolled out what we are calling AdaptBN 2.0

With AdaptBN 2.0 we are introducing a whole new section, a weekly podcast, and a native iPhone App. This update represents what we believe is the future of local news; more stories, more formats, and more local.

The Rundown - New Content Section

From the start of AdaptBN, we’ve been focused on providing a more in-depth look at the community, going further, asking more questions, and purely focused on stories that bring value to our subscribers' daily lives. We still believe in this core mission tremendously, but we believe we can expand upon this core mission by providing a smart, quick look at many smaller announcements.

AdaptBN receives dozens of press releases and media advisories in our newswire every week, and now we will be providing quick takes on some of these pieces of news. In addition to content stemming from our newswire, we will be providing overviews and quick takes of exclusive news stories provided by other outlets. All of our Rundowns will have a link to the source, whether that's a press release or another outlet. Since we will be producing a large number of these short pieces, these stories will not be sent out to subscribers via email.

Blono’s The Weekly - Weekly Podcast created by AdaptBN

With podcasting becoming more and more popular, industry revenue growing at 80%+ YoY, AdaptBN has decided to dip our toes into the market. The weekly podcast will give an inside look at 2-3 of our top stories of the week. We are aiming to have each episode in the 20-30 minute range, perfect for your drive to or from work (this first episode was a bit longer than this). Please subscribe to the podcast and leave a review to help us out: Apple PodcastsStitcherAnchor, and many more (Spotify, TuneIn, Breaker, etc.) 

Episodes will drop weekly on Wednesday; we look forward to having you listen!

AdaptBN on the iPhone

AdaptBN has been developing an iPhone app for the last 4 months and it's finally out! Our iOS Developer has been hard at work nailing down our subscription and in-app payments perfect. The app looks amazing and is optimized for iOS 11 or later. As with the podcast, downloads and reviews would be much appreciated.  Download here

All of this is possible from the support of our subscribers. If you enjoy AdaptBN's stories, please consider becoming a subscriber here.