Bloomington Brings in Fresh Blood, Decatur’s Tim Gleason Chosen as New City Manager

 (Photo: Christian Prenzler/AdaptBN)

 (Photo: Christian Prenzler/AdaptBN)

Tim Gleason will become Bloomington’s new City Manager after 4 years serving as City Manager of Decatur, IL. Gleason previously spoke to Bloomington’s stronger economy and vibrancy in Central Illinois as a key attraction to the job.

Mayor Renner called Gleason, a “street-level bureaucrat,” meaning that he works closely with all departments on the ground. Gleason described his management style as “hands-off” and stated that he looks forward to working closely with all department heads.

Current Interim City Manager, Steve Rasmussen, will stay on as Assistant City Manager. Rasmussen was one of the three finalists for the City Manager Role.

Gleason stated that he felt very prepared for the role and did not discover issues he wasn’t equipped to handle during the selection process.

During the process, the three candidates interviewed with the Council, City Staff, and met with the public. The City stated, “Finalists were selected based on their qualifications, likely fit for the community and organization, and a compelling reason and desire to be in Bloomington.”

Gleason praised Bloomington for its strong economic condition but also pointed to several issues that the city faces, from Downtown Bloomington’s continuous demise to State Farm’s restructuring process.

Gleason holds a Bachelors and Masters degree from the University of Illinois at Springfield. Prior to his position in Decatur, Gleason was City Administrator in Washington, IL. During his tenure in Washington, Gleason managed the recovery and response to the EF4 tornado that wreaked havoc on the town, causing more than $150M in damage in 2013.

Renner cited Gleason's ability to handle a crisis situation as a key differentiator, stating that he "skillfully guided the city through a challenging period"

Prior to his time in city government, Gleason served in law enforcement for over 20 years.

As City Manager, Gleason will lead 770 employees, 526 of which are full-time. In his previous position, Gleason managed 488 employees in Decatur.

The City Council is expected to formally approve Gleason’s contract at their council meeting next week. Gleason starts the position this Saturday, June 23.