Going Local: Kenney's Delivery

Dave Barling and Katie Barling of Kenney's Delivery (Photo: Erik Prenzler/AdaptBN)

Dave Barling and Katie Barling of Kenney's Delivery (Photo: Erik Prenzler/AdaptBN)

“Scheduling is the most challenging part of our business,” says Katie Barling of Kenney’s Delivery in Bloomington. “Many people want to either move at the beginning or the end of a month. April to October is our busiest time,” Katie continued.

Kenney’s Delivery has been helping people move since 1947, so the company is celebrating their 71st year in 2018.  “We are licensed in the State of Illinois, so we will move anyone in Illinois,” said Dave Barling, who owns the business with his wife Janey.  

“We have many loyal customers and if they need us to move a family member to Chicago, we can do that” continued Dave. “Operating in Chicago is more difficult and we know the regulations, such as no trucks are allowed on Lake Shore Drive,” said Dave.

Kenney’s Delivery currently employs a staff of nine and operates eight trucks or vehicles. Katie, Dave & Janey’s daughter, has been working at the company full time for eight years and would like to eventually take over management of the company. “I do the accounting and most of the computer-related activities,” said Katie.

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Kenney Barling began the business in August 1947 and remained the manager & owner until 1995.  That was when Dave & Janey took over the management & ownership of the company.

“80% our workload is residential and the remainder is commercial business,” said Dave. The company has been at their current location at 907 E. Grove St. in Bloomington since 1970. The current front office building was completed in 2000. The company also has self-storage units at the rear portion of the property.

“I love the relationships with our customers, our neighbors, and vendors,” said Katie. “We move people when they need bigger houses and then when want to downsize. All stages of life,” said Dave.

For more information on Kenney’s Delivery, you can visit their website at www.kenneysdelivery.com